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Owen is a photographer with an incurable and debilitating eye disease that will soon leave him blind.  Before his sight is completely gone, he and his wife Laura take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Yellowstone National Park.  During their bittersweet photography expedition, they bond over their surroundings and experience a depth to their relationship they never knew was there.  Newcomers Rebecca Sanborn and Ji Tanzer take the audience on a cathartic journey, imbuing this subdued drama with grace and empathy.  As Owen’s world rapidly goes dark, their strength and perseverance become more life-changing than Owen’s condition.  In the end, the audience is left with the feeling that the couple’s loss is more a beginning than an ending.  In his feature film debut, director Brett Eichenberger has crafted an intimate and emotional film with cinematography as stunning as its powerful performances.


—Tristen Tuckfield, 2011 AFI Fest Film Guide




“Powerful visuals mark this subdued but affecting first feature.” 

—The Hollywood Reporter


“The stirringly photographed Light of Mine packs volumes into its unassuming 77-minute running time.”


“Quiet but strong performances by Ji Tanzer and Rebecca Sanborn linger in the memory.” 

—Seattle Times


“Take advantage of this rare treat.” 

—Washington Post Express

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Lindsey Lou, a college drop-out on the verge of divorce, reconnects with her family after her father goes missing in a mountain climbing accident on Mt. Everest. Hanging on a shred of hope that he's still alive, she hatches a scheme to raise enough money to bring him home herself. The only problem is, she's the least qualified for the job. Lindsey fights to keep her father's memory alive before her lonely mother replaces him with a younger man.


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